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China Office:  


    Contactor: Jasmine Zhao (Marketing Director)

    Address: 2/F,Building B, Hongshan Science and Technology Area, No.68, Hongshanyuan Rd, Fuzhou, China

    Tel:  +86-591-87562601   

    Fax:  +86-591-87513656

    Email: service@gis-inspection.com

Complaint for ethics:  


    Contactor: Hunter Chen (Ethics Commissioner)

    Telephone: +86-591-88200690   

    Email: hunterchen@gis-inspection.com 


Online service:


     GIS provides quality consulting and engineering services all over China. Please contact us by the following contact information:



     Trade Manager:cn1004513937

Dimensional code scanning via mobile phone, business card may be obtained directly.

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